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Dear diary, today I autopsied some zombies ...

... best day ever! Reanimated episode 17 gets all literary again as HA and Stuart take a gander at The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse by Steven Schlozman. As usual they also cover some breaking zombie news to keep everyone current with zombie events. 

New news!

1. LAPD PSA with zombies. Oy vey.

2. NPR quiz game Ask me another, with zombies:

Zombies eat brains, everyone knows that. But if brains aren't available, zombies are not picky; they'll eat anything that rhymes with "brains." In this round, host Ophira Eisenberg and house musician Jonathan Coulton serve up clues to groups of nouns or names that follow this rhyming pattern. Points awarded to those who answer in a scary zombie voice.

3. Simon Pegg interview where he discusses his thoughts on the film World War Z.

"Zombies are strongly metaphoric and always have been. Romero used them very candidly to talk about consumerism and civil rights. Post Aids, the era of the virus, these kinds of films speak volumes of our fear of communicable disease- flus, and blood-borne stuff. It's interesting that at the end Brad Pitt injects himself with an unknown virus they use disease to fight disease in that film. In an antibacterial wipe age, it's an understanding that kids have to eat dirt to not get sick. A post-hand sanitiser movie."

4. The brighter side of the zombie apocalypse, according to buzzfeed.

5. Some possible fortresses-also, perhaps a goldmine of a resource for preparedness ...

6. Another potential zombie survival vehicle?


In Review

The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse by Steven Schlozman takes its readers on a short, medically fueled ride into a nasty crab-infested lab in the Indian Ocean to cut up on some recently zombified peeps.


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