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Post-apocalyptic class struggle + zombie evolution = (b)Land of the Dead

Welcome zed-fans!

In the 30th episode of Reanimated, the gang reviews a disappointing George Romero's Land of the Dead from 2005. While the movie brings the star power (Leguizamo, Hopper), it fails to impress with the story. The usual assortment of zombie news rounds out the show this week, such as:


1. Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies! Time to put that zombie in a sleeper hold, because that totally works on them.

3. I'm really sorry about this one. It's Zomboobies, you guys.

4. This ad for the Canadian Film Festival was pretty much the best thing to happen to the internet in a while.

5. Eek! Those adorable Mustelidae are actually zombie otters!

6. Israel's supposed first zombie film is influenced by the movie World War Z? Really?

Episode 30 featuring our review of Land of the Dead

Here's that Simon Pegg cameo mentioned on the podcast:

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