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Episode 6: [REC] (2007) and Quarantine (2008)

After a month (!) of absence due to traveling, summer weddings and general busy-ness, we're back working on the podcast. We checked out two films simultaneously this episode - [REC] (2007) and Quarantine (2008). Stuart barely held on through this recording thanks to some advanced Solanum virus he contracted on those flying petri dishes called commercial aircraft.

We also covered some of the usual crazy Zed-News out there, including:

Zombie Burger - an Iowan eatery that presents its cuisine a la zombie. Check out a recent(ish) NPR piece and their Facebook page put up this video of Seth Rogen playing the opening scenes of an upcoming PS3 game, "The Last of Us" It's an entertaining viewing. Unrelated tidbit: developers had to revamp the face of game character Ellie after she turned out looking too much like Ellen Page.

Comicon came and went and left us with this AWESOME trailer for The Walking Dead Season 4. 

Japan created a live action amusement experience called Resident Evil The Real. It looks bananas

And finally: feral zombie cat herds attack French people. yikes!

Tell us how you felt about [REC] and Quarantine!

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How do you feel about remakes of films coming out so soon after the original?
What’s your favorite remake of zombie film?