Philip - you're so adept!

In the 42nd episode of Reanimated Philip finds his moral compass, Kieren flips out at the dinner table, Maxine Martin goes full evil and Jem continues to disappoint. Also zombie news!


1. H1N1 - new gameplay footage features the crafting system for the upcoming MMO survival zombie game. No shirts will be safe from our bow-crafting skills!

2.  Zombie nights/baseball promos around the nation!

Hillsboro Hops zombie night and Coney Island overtaken by the undead!

3. Z Nation filming in Spokane

4. Virginia zombie survival course - live ammo, good times

5. How Hyundai became the zombie car maker

6. Walking Dead Season 5 teaser... all 10 seconds of it

Music in this episode is the song Pocket Zombie by the band Flex Vector.