Awkward love triangulation ... with zombies.

Yeesh zombie fans, In the Flesh took it to an uncomfortable place with not just one, but TWO love triangles in this episode's review. And in a way we might count Jem, Gary and Henry's bracelet as a third. //shiver// Anyway - another thrilling installment of Reanimated's ongoing review of season two of the English zombie drama! Also some zombie news!


1. Yeah, this won’t give me nightmares at all. German artist makes ... flesh tunnels ... in the sides of his face. Yeah just look at the pictures.

2. Life after Beth trailer. H.A. is besides herself with excitement!

3. An interview with creators of the Walking Dead Escape where they talk about why people enjoy this interactive zombie experience. 

4. Our popular culture tapestry of what we feared most and when we feared it, from io9.

5. The Last Ship --  Michael Bay’s post-apocalyptic Navy commercial, no zombies, but lots of contagion and expensive aerial photography. 

Also take a look at Dominion, a new show on Syfy about post-apocalyptic humanity's struggle against angels. Just cuz.

6. Through the Wormhole zombie plague transmission mathematician  - honestly kinda dumb. Watch for special “hitting beakers with cricket bat under mood lighting” scenes. Is it comedic genius as H.A. Conrad interprets or really, really sad, as Stuart sees it?

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