Wrapping the deuce: saying goodbye to season 2 of TWD

Reanimated seals shut the mausoleum on season 2 of The Walking Dead with a herculean episode where our hosts plow through 11, 12 and 13! Whew!

They also dig through some tasty zombie news!!


1. CONOP 8888 made it out onto the interwebs detailing the military's approach to a zombie apocalypse. It gets pretty wacky.

2. Wired posted lots o'trailers for next season's televisual offerings!

3. Another zombie survival camp. But this one's in New Jersey and seems like it.


4. Oh, Canadians. A day late and a (canadian) dollar short on this one.

"Zombie Zeitgeist reflects modern pandemic fears"

5. In the Flesh-Season 2!

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